Our Mission

Yeshiva Ohr Naftoli, New Windsor is committed:

To harbor a positive environment infused with warmth and an atmosphere saturated with motivation to strive toward lofty goals and achievements in avodas hashem.

To imbue each talmid with sincere ahavas hatorah, enhanced learning skills, and direct him onto a path towards shleimus.

Collectively they distinguish the Ohr Naftoli graduate as he moves on through life as a true ben torah

  • I watch as our alumni here in Eretz Yisroel are becoming the leaders of this Yeshiva. Their Ameilus vibrates in the entire Bais Medrash and they are a magnet for other bochurim to ask them their Shailos.

    -Rabbi Gavriel Newhouse, Alumnus – Ohr Naftoli/Learning in ישיבת הרה”ג ר’ צבי קפלן

  • I take pleasure in observing how each Rebbi provides his unique ingredient to every individual talmid as he ascends through his Mesivta years.

    -Parent, Passaic, NJ

  • Being in the Bais Medrash with bochurim striving to finish the mesechte uplifts the entire atmosphere

    -Menachem Samberg, 10th Grade

  • The shmuah on the street is that American boys come in and turn in to authentic Yeshiva bochurim


  • What strikes me most when I visit the Yeshivah , is not only the unbelievable ruach and learning,  but the mentclichkeit and happiness among all the bochurim!

    -Sruly Orzel, President

  • I walked in to the Bais Medrash before Shachris and many boys were sitting and learning.  A talmid of mine walked over to me and said “Rebbe, I love it here”.  To me that was so telling

    -Rabbi Frankel , Menahel Yeshiva of Spring Valley

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There are many events and milestones throughout the year captured on camera. You can enjoy those moments by perusing our various photo albums.

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Yeshiva Ohr Naftoli takes pride in providing a magnificent environment, conducive to the ongoing growth of all our students. Our administration, faculty and, rabbeim implement any and every resource to promote the true happiness and ultimate success of each and every student.

We all share a common goal to produce the next generation of productive, well-adjusted B’nei Torah committed to Avodas Hashem.

You can take advantage of the various opportunities to support our endeavors. We look forward to your partnership.

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