I watch as our alumni here in Eretz Yisroel are becoming the leaders of this Yeshiva. Their Ameilus vibrates in the entire Bais Medrash and they are a magnet for other bochurim to ask them their Shailos.

- Rabbi Gavriel Newhouse, Alumnus – Ohr Naftoli/Learning in ישיבת הרה”ג ר’ צבי קפלן

I take pleasure in observing how each Rebbi provides his unique ingredient to every individual talmid as he ascends through his Mesivta years.

- Parent, Passaic, NJ

Being in the Bais Medrash with bochurim striving to finish the mesechte uplifts the entire atmosphere

- Menachem Samberg, 10th Grade

The shmuah on the street is that American boys come in and turn in to authentic Yeshiva bochurim

- Applicant

What strikes me most when I visit the Yeshivah , is not only the unbelievable ruach and learning,  but the mentclichkeit and happiness among all the bochurim!

- Sruly Orzel, President

I walked in to the Bais Medrash before Shachris and many boys were sitting and learning.  A talmid of mine walked over to me and said “Rebbe, I love it here”.  To me that was so telling

- Rabbi Frankel , Menahel Yeshiva of Spring Valley