Board of Directors


With great admiration for the yeshiva and the talmidim, I am privileged to serve as the President of the Ohr Naftoli, New Windsor Board of Directors. It is a yeshiva that is unparalleled in chinuch, warmth, and nachas ruach, offering the talmidim the best of the best that encourages and supports them as they grow into genuine bnei Torah. 

Under the strong leadership of the Rosh HaYeshiva, Horav Moshe Silberberg shlit’a, the Menahel, Horav Ahron Yosef Pitter shlit’a, and the Executive Director, Rabbi Eli Schneider shilt’a, this institution has taken a prominent place among all the mainstream yeshivos, and rightfully so. With their vision, warmth, sincerity, and dedication, they continue to ensure the success of literally hundreds of young talmidim. Together with the unbelievable staff of devoted rebbeim, they are mechanech the bochurim  b’lev v’nefesh and instill in them ahavas Torah and yiras shamayim.

The location of the yeshiva, in the quaint and tranquil town of New Windsor, is part of its identity and mission, allowing the talmidim to focus on their learning without distraction. This setting supports the hanhala and rebbeim in their goal to leave an indelible mark on the talmidim. By stellar example, they show the bochurim the meaning of living a life of Torah and derech eretz.

My involvement in this incredible yeshiva is not only a pleasure, but a true zechus. May we continue to see tremendous nachas from the talmidim and continued growth and success from this incredible makom Torah.

Warmest personal regards,

Yisroel Orzel

The Ohr Naftoli, New Windsor Board of Directors is comprised of accomplished individuals who create a collective inimitable force. Aside from the strong leadership and advocacy they provide, it’s the concern for the talmidim and the time they invest without restriction that makes them an integral part of the New Windsor family. Yeshiva matters are not confined to a board meeting or a conference table; each and every member is available around the clock, always keeping the yeshiva at the forefront, regardless of individual concerns and obligations. They take personal pride in the hatzlacha of the yeshiva, motivating the talmidim with their benevolence.

Executive Board

Mr. Yisroel Orzel


Yisroel Orzel, more affectionately known to the talmidim as “Uncle Sruly”, is a treasured member of the Ohr Naftoli family. His selfless devotion to the Klal is absolutely unparalleled.  As director of Polaris Healthcare and president of White Eagle Property Group, Mr. Orzel has a packed schedule but will never hesitate to drop everything to assist the Torah community. He serves with distinction on many boards, including Agudah, Ohr V’Daas, President of the Rachmistrivka Yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel, and most notably, Yeshiva Spring Valley, a mosad that he holds dear and where he devotes so much of his time and attention. As Board President of New Windsor, his leadership and dedication are surpassed only by the true care and concern he shows the talmidim.

Mr. Chaim Silberberg

Vice President

Mr. Chaim Silberberg, vice president of the board, is best described as the super glue that holds all the pieces together. As an integral member of the board, Mr. Silberberg brings his incredible business acumen not only as a professional developer but in all his worldly experience. He is an active member of the board at Bnos Yaakov in Lakewood and as such, plays a vital role in their building and construction endeavors. Mr. Silberberg’s unwavering dedication to limud Torah is evident as he commits to daily learning with Alumni–BMG. From the yeshiva’s early years until today, Mr. Silberberg’s investments of both time and resources have been essential to Ohr Naftoli’s continued growth and success.

Rabbi Zev A. Beren

Associate Vice President

A pillar of the Denver community, Rabbi Zev Beren hails from an illustrious three generation Colorado Torah family. To memorialize this incredible legacy, the New Windsor Beis Medrash proudly bears the name of his late father a’h. In addition to his incredible business acumen, Rabbi Beren is a tremendous baal tzedakah and baal chesed. In his always quiet and unassuming way, he is a staunch Ohr Naftoli supporter who works hard behind the scenes to assist the yeshiva in innumerable ways.

Mr. Jeffrey Weiskopf

Associate Vice President

With his keen business sense and sharp attention to detail, Jeff Weiskopf is an incredible asset to the yeshiva as the board’s associate vice president. He serves as the Chairman and CEO of White Eagle Property Group. His strong leadership is well utilized as a member of the Executive Board of Torah Umesorah, Ohr V’Daas, and a member of the Board of Governors of Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood. He can be counted on to get things done and propels the yeshiva forward with his clear vision, determination, and perseverance.

Board of Directors

Mr. Yehuda Braunstein

With a warm smile and a kind word, Yehuda Braunstein is always eager to give of his time and talents to the yeshiva. He is currently a partner and Head of the Family Office Practice at Sadis & Goldberg LLP as well as a member of the Firm’s Financial Services and Corporate Groups. As a native of Brooklyn, he is a graduate of Chaim Berlin and maintains the kesher as the gabbai of the Chaim Berlin alumni minyan. Ohr Naftoli can always count on Mr. Braunstein to contribute analytical thought and systematic collaboration to maintain the yeshiva’s growth and progress.

Mr. Chaim Dubin

Chaim Dubin, president at Dubin Contracting LLC, brings his building and development expertise to the yeshiva board. His vast knowledge of construction, composition and systematization has been an incredible asset as the yeshiva continues to grow and build. Mr. Dubin is a noted askan and is also very involved in support of the Mesivta of Eatontown, as well as many charitable causes in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Mr. Pinny Grunfeld

As a long-standing member of the board, Pinny Grunfeld has provided enduring support and encouragement that has benefitted the yeshiva tremendously. He is the chief executive officer for Capital Poly Corp. His decades of business experience make him a tremendous resource to the yeshiva. As a proud parent of two Ohr Naftoli alumni, Mr. Grunfeld has always gone above and beyond to assist the yeshiva.

Mr. Shimshi Heszkel

Shimshi Heszkel is the newest member of our board of directors and is always ready and willing to help the yeshiva. As a highly-respected expert in residential real estate appraisals and the CEO and founder of Nadlan Valuation Inc., a National Appraisal Management Company, Mr. Heszkel has been an incredible resource to the yeshiva’s building expansion project. He is also instrumental in assisting numerous Lakewood mosdos and community causes and is always exceptionally giving of his time and talents. 

Mr. Ari Krupp

Ari Krupp is always eager to help the yeshiva. He is the chief financial officer at Symphony Care Network where he is lauded for his sharp financial skills and extensive business acumen. He is the former chairman of the board and current active executive board member of Talmudical Academy in Baltimore. He is also an executive board member at his alma mater, the Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study (WITS). There’s no doubt that Mr. Krupp’s drive and determination will be highly instrumental in leading the yeshiva to greater heights.   

Mr. Leiby Lench

Leiby Lench has a heart of gold with a steely determination to make things happen. In addition to all he does for the yeshiva, he’s involved in many Lakewood based tzedaka and chesed organizations. Together with Rav Leizer Gordon, he founded a yeshiva in Lakewood. He is the owner of Laguna Siding and Roofing but in spite of his busy schedule, he is a renowned Daf Yomi Magid Shiur at K’hal Ohr Yaakov (R’ Danziger’s Shul) that is always well attended.

Mr. Yisrael Schwartz

Sruli Schwartz is a very active member of his community of Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. He is a healthcare business analyst at Cambridge Advisory Group and he brings his strong analytical skills to New Windsor. He is a proud alumnus and active member of the Philadelphia Community Kollel and stills maintains a strong kesher with the Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Yechiel Biberfeld. His thoughtful and earnest manner bring ehrlichkeit to everything he does and make him a valued member of the Ohr Naftoli Board.

Mr. Matis Soffer

Matis Soffer is not one to sit on the sidelines; he is not only a devoted board member of New Windsor, but is also very involved in many other organizations as well as his own Brooklyn neighborhood. Having grown up in Long Beach, New York, he is very active in his alma mater, the Mesivta of Long Beach. As a noted askan, he puts the concerns and issues facing the klal at the forefront.  In both personal and professional matters, Mr. Soffer conducts himself with the utmost honesty, integrity and humility and the yeshiva is fortunate to have him on board.


Rabbi Avraham Broges is the second seder beis medrash rebbe. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Rabbi Broges attended Tiferes Moshe and Mesivta Yesodei Yeshurun.  He then moved on to Yeshiva of Telshe Alumni Riverdale followed by Rav Tzvi Kaplan’s Yeshiva. In addition to his experience at Ohr Naftoli, he also worked as a Shoel Umaishiv in Riverdale. Rabbi Broges displays tremendous warmth and ehrlichkeit in everything he does which allows him to connect with the talmidim in a very meaningful way. Rabbi Broges recognizes Ohr Naftoli’s success in the combination of a happy, positive atmosphere and the impetus that drives the talmidim to grow and reach new heights in avodas Hashem.


Growing up in Yerushalayim, Boston, and Baltimore gave Rabbi Betzalel Field a broad experience in Torah education. For over six years, Rabbi Field has been supervising bekius seder, which compliments the morning seder and gives the bochurim the opportunity to shine and shteig by working towards completing the mesechta. With tremendous competence, Rabbi Field maintains a structured learning environment while really connecting with the talmidim on a meaningful level. Rabbi Field sites the yeshiva’s personal attention to the talmidim as the source of their geshmak in learning.


For over a decade, Rabbi Dovid Halpern has been the limudei kodesh Rebbe for the yeshiva’s 10th grade. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Rabbi Halpern began his education in Yeshiva Torah Temimah and then moved on to Yeshiva of Springfield, New Jersey, followed by Yeshivas Brisk Yerushalayim. He is an outstanding orator and much sought after speaker whose confidence and drive is transmitted to the talmidim, bringing his lessons to life. According to Rabbi Halpern, the secret recipe at Ohr Naftoli is a happy hanhala, happy parents, and most importantly, happy talmidim.


Rabbi Shamshon Levy brings his incredible energy to New Windsor as the 9th grade bekius rebbe. His enthusiasm is contagious and the bochurim respond in kind with an eagerness to learn. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Rabbi Levy attended Yeshiva Mercaz Hatorah of Belle Harbor and Yeshiva Gedola of Passaic. Rabbi Levy has witnessed firsthand how New Windsor gives the bochurim the structure and geshmak necessary to nurture growth in all areas of learning and Avodas Hashem and how it instills pride in the bochurim to be part of a Makom Torah that is both realistic and real about what it means

Rabbi Nochum Z. Meyers

Rabbi Nochum Meyers, erudite halacha rebbe, is an asset to the entire yeshiva as all gain from his vast knowledge and experience. Born and raised on the Telshe Yeshiva campus in Wickliffe, Ohio, Rabbi Meyers attended Yeshiva Derech Hatorah and Telshe Yeshiva. He then continued on to Rav Tzvi Kaplan’s Yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael, two years in our very own Kollel Ohr Naftoli, and Kollel Bais Medrash Elyon. For over half a decade, Rabbi Meyers has successfully educated New Windsor talmidim. His extensive knowledge of halacha and the skills he uses to impart the information make him a tremendous asset to New Windsor.


Rabbi Pick is a shoel umaishiv for first seder and night seder, as well as bekius seder for the 12th grade and beis medrash.  He grew up in Lakewood, New Jersey, attending Lakewood Cheder before moving on to Yeshiva of Staten Island as well as Rav Tzvi Kaplan’s Yeshiva. He currently resides in Monsey with his family. With his patience and proficiency, the bochurim benefit tremendously from his vast knowledge and guidance. He credits the yeshiva’s warm environment in providing the geshmak for the bochurim to learn and grow.


Rabbi Avrohom Boruch Pitter has been teaching at Ohr Naftoli for over eleven years as the 12th grade second seder gemara b’iyun rebbe. Originally from Long Beach, New York, Rabbi Pitter’s schooling began at Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway. He then attended Mesivta of Long Beach throughout high school and for four years Beis Medrash before moving on to Rav Tzvi Kaplan’s Yeshiva for seven years. Aside from his role at Ohr Naftoli, Rabbi Pitter also serves as the Yomim Noraim chazzan at his alma mater, Mesivta of Long Beach. His refined and dignified manner sets a choice example for the bochurim on how to comport themselves. Rabbi Pitter sites a combination of the rebbeim serving as role models with their continued shteiging as well as their belief in each and every bochur as the special traits that Ohr Naftoli encapsulates.


Rabbi Boruch Roberts is the 12th grade second seder rebbe. He grew up in Monsey where he remains to this day to raise his own family. He learned in Bais Shraga, Rabbi Brodsky’s Yeshiva in Toronto, and in Yeshivas Brisk Yerushalayim. Rabbi Roberts’ youthful spirit brings energy and liveliness to the beis medrash, elevating the learning to even greater heights. He notes how Ohr Naftoli, New Windsor successfully creates an atmosphere in which the bochurim are united in their growth, and attests that there is no greater impetus for aliyah.  


Rabbi Shlome Zalmen Szydlo, 9th grade bekius rebbe, was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He attended Yeshiva Ketana Adas Yisroel in Melbourne before moving on to Yeshivas Shaarei Torah in Manchester, England for Beis Medrash. He also attended Yeshivas Mir and Yeshivas Brisk in Yerushalayim. Before joining New Windsor, he worked as a rebbe in Yeshiva Tiferes Shmuel in Monsey, New York and Yeshiva Meon Hatorah in Roosevelt, New Jersey. Rabbi Szydlo’s upbeat nature and charisma create a positive environment that elevates the bochurim and puts them in the right frame of mind to absorb the learning. Rabbi Szydlo credits the yeshiva for providing a structured environment with an atmosphere of growth and shteiging.


Rabbi Reuven Yoel Vershubsky is the 11th grade bekius rebbe. Growing up in Monsey, New York, he attended Yeshivas Beis Dovid followed by Bais Hatalmud, Yeshivas Brisk Yerushalayim, and Beth Medrash Govoha. In addition to teaching in New Windsor, Rabbi Vershubsky is also a rebbe at Yeshiva Romemus Hatorah in Chestnut Ridge, New York. Through his serious and determined approach to Talmud Torah, he develops a close and meaningful connection to the bochurim. According to Rabbi Vershubsky, Ohr Naftoli’s incredible atmosphere of positivity instills “romemus hanefesh” in the talmidim and a belief in their own strengths and capabilities.


Rabbi Rosengarten, the 12th grade Rebbe, was born and raised in Monsey, New York. Rabbi Rosengarten attended Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim, Yeshiva Bais Mikroh, Yeshiva Ohel Torah, Yeshiva Bais Binyomin (Stamford Yeshiva), Yeshivas Brisk Yerushalayim and Beth Medrash Govoha. He’s a tremendous masmid whose down to earth demeanor and authenticity draws the talmidim to him. According to Rabbi Rosengarten, Ohr Naftoli teaches the talmidim the sweetness of Torah and the beauty of living a Torah life.


Rabbi Baruch Werner is the limudei kodesh rebbe for the 11th grade. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attended the Mirrer Yeshiva in Flatbush, followed by Yeshivas Brisk Yerushalayim. Rabbi Werner has been a beloved New Windsor rebbe for well over a decade and is an integral part of the yeshiva family. His contagious simchas and ahavas HaTorah and his genuine geshmak in learning brings the rishonim and achronim to life for the talmidim. He is astounded by the “gevaldige ruach” of the yeshiva and the tremendous impact it has on the bochurim, motivating them to go further in their learning and shteiging.


Rabbi Elimelech Ringel is the highly regarded 10th and 11th grade halacha rebbe. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Rabbi Ringel attended Yeshiva Torah Temimah before moving on to Yeshiva Bais Moshe in Scranton, Yeshiva Bais Hatalmud, Yeshiva Gedola of Passaic, Kolel Ohr Yitzchok, and Kolel Bais Hamedrash D’Monsey. In addition to his nearly decade long experience in New Windsor, He also worked as a rebbi in Yeshiva Maayonei Hachochma, Yeshiva Bais Yonason, and is currently the 11th grade rebbe at Yeshiva Ohr Reuven. Rabbi Ringel’s talent lies in his ability to bring his extensive knowledge of halacha to his talmidim in a way that allows for thorough understanding and geshmak learning. With his kind and caring nature, he is able to connect with each and every bochur on their own level.


Rabbi Shmaryahu Abramczyk is the dynamic 9th grade limudei kodesh Rebbe. He was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and came to New York to attend Yeshivas Novominsk for both high school and beis medrash. He then continued on to Yeshivas Brisk Yerushalayim and Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood. With his all-encompassing energy and vitality, he creates the bridge that takes the talmidim from elementary school to mesivta, giving them a real sense of belonging and involvement. According to Rabbi Abramczyk, Ohr Naftoli provides a warm environment where the bochurim feel cared for and close to their rebbeim.